Monday, November 12, 2012

Professional Video Rubric

A while back there was a New Tech Network call-out for a really good rubric for videos.  I don't know that we found one, so I am thinking we need to make one. While there are a number of possible ways you might have a video be a final product for a project, I want to use the term "Professional Web Video*" to refer to those nearly ubiquitous videos used to explain and promote products, ideas, and services on the web.

Getting a really quality rubric together for professional web video seems important to me for two reasons:

1. Our schools make A LOT of videos.  In the past I have had some mixed feelings about this as worries over the time involved and limited attention to critical thinking around important concepts that often accompanied video products for projects.  But in taking another step back on this, I am coming back around to the value in time spent on this due to its relevance as a medium and its potential value in creating meaningful work.

2. Quality video really is a separator for effective web communication.  As someone grounded in print communication, it has taken me awhile to really appreciate the value of quality videos, but it is clear now that short, engaging and informative videos are vital for the success of most online ventures.  It is mainly due to this emergent reality that I think we need a rubric that pushes our schools and students towards creating these types of videos.

A few examples to prime the pump:

Software tools: Evernote Clearly
Hardware: iPad Mini
Kickstarter: American History Z 
Google Drive Challenge
Everything the People at CommonCraft do!

And now for the work. I've started an open google doc here for the purposes of starting this rubric creation.

I'm going to follow a fairly typical rubric design process of articulating key skills, identifying possible missteps or things to avoid, and also collecting example or relevant resources.  

If you would like to contribute, but aren't sure how, I'd encourage you to simply watch a few of these videos and describe what makes them good. 

Feel free to tweet great web videos at me @edutwitt

*If any of you are more "insiders" in the video world - let me know if there is a more "industry standard" term for this. 

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